Welcome to the SPFD Cadet & Junior Programs web page.  If you are 14 to 15, or 16 to 17 years old, and you live in the Shaker Pines Fire District, you are eligible to join our family.  As Cadets or Juniors, you will not only learn the workings of a Fire Department, but you will also start your training into becoming a full fledged Firefighter.  Although because of insurance reasons, Cadets and Juniors will not be doing all that regular firefighters do, but still will be a valuable asset in support of the department.  The curriculum for the Cadet & Junior Programs cover the following topics, and so much more:

* Brotherhood/Pride/Responsibility

* Fire Scene Safety

* Accountability

* Physical Fitness

* CPR/Blood Borne Pathogens

* Fire Behavior

* Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

* Communications

* Firefighter Rehabilitation

* Fire Extinguishers

* Hand & Power Tools

* Extrication Tools

* Ventilation

* Hazardous Materials Awareness

If you are interested in joining, feel free to come to the station.  Talk to the day crew. Tour the station.  We are now taking applications on May 22, 2017   The program is set to start on June 27, 2017.  Click on the document links below to print & complete the necessary application forms.



If you have any questions, feel free to call and talk to Chief Charles Macsata  (860) 749-8552 or click here to email the Program Officer, Ken Maltese (kmaltese@spfd.net)

Cover Letter


Parent Consent

Principal Consent

Welcome Tyler Prajzner to the SPFD Cadet Program.  Tyler started the program at last nights drill, learning about equipment and their locations on the apparatus. 


Standing with Tyler is Senior Advisor Lt. Amanda Mele, and Program Administrator Firefighter Ken Maltese.  

We wish Tyler all the best towards a hopeful career in the Fire Service.